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Aug. 8, 2019

Real Estate Pre-licensing Course

Have you thought about a career in Real Estate. The big step is getting the 40-hr class under your belt. We are offering this class through Michigan Property Partners. Details and registration information below!

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July 26, 2019

Personality types and Sales

Hey Hey gang,

  As I talk with people and tell them what I do most follow up with "I could never talk to people all the time." or "I wouldn't know what to say." I'll let you in on a's all about observation. You can learn so much about someone from observing them, then take those basic observations and ask about them. Do they look tan, ask if they have been on a vacation recently. There is one thing everyone likes to talk about, themselves. :) For those that want to go a little deeper down the rabbit hole here is another great read from the Black Swan Group.




July 9, 2019

What does Success really look like

I borrowed this post from an article discussing Shawn Achor’s book “Happiness Advantage”. It is one of my all-time favorite books.  Enjoy the article and leave a comment about your thoughts on the topic.



1) Success Brings Happiness? No. Happiness Brings Success.

We all chase success hoping it will make us happy:

1.     I’ll be happy once I get that promotion.

2.     I’ll be happy once I get that raise.

3.     I’ll be happy once I lose 15 pounds.

But the research shows that isn’t true. You achieve a goal and you’re briefly happier… but then you’re looking toward the next big thing. What Shawn’s research showed was when you flip the formula and focus on increasing happiness, you end up increasing success.

Here’s Shawn:

If we can get somebody to raise their levels of optimism or deepen their social connection or raise happiness, turns out every single business and educational outcome we know how to test for improves dramatically. You can increase your success rates for the rest of your life and your happiness levels will flatline, but if you raise your level of happiness and deepen optimism it turns out every single one of your success rates rises dramatically compared to what it would have been at negative, neutral, or stressed.

MET Life saw such great results among happy salespeople that they tried an experiment: they started hiring people based on optimism. And that was even if those people performed poorly on the standard industry “aptitude test.” What was the result?


It turns out that the optimistic group outsold their more pessimistic counterparts by 19% in year one and 57% in year two.

How can this be? Shawn explained that intelligence and technical skills only predict 25% of success:

If we know the intelligence and technical skills of an employee, we can actually only predict about 25% of their job success. 75% of long term job success is predicted not by intelligence and technical skills, which is normally how we hire, educate and train, but it’s predicted by three other umbrella categories. It’s optimism (which is the belief that your behavior matters in the midst of challenge), your social connection (whether or not you have depth and breadth in your social relationships), and the way that you perceive stress.

And students who want success in their future should worry a little less about grades and more about optimism. Shawn found that rolling a pair of dice was as predictive of your future income as your college GPA is. And millionaires agree.


So your attitude has a huge effect on how successful you are.


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June 25, 2019

Doing more by learning to do less, let me explain

Have you ever met someone and wondered, how do they do ALL of that? How do they have a successful career, a fitness routine, a good marriage, a relationship with their teenagers, and still volunteer, serve on committee's, etc.? You shake your head as you wonder how you are going to get to the end of the week with your to-do list let alone adding one more thing to your already packed schedule. 

 I have struggled with how to fit "more" into my life. We all have 24 hours a day, right? Then why does it seem like some people have more? 

Well, I can tell you that they don't, and they do. Let me explain. The people that I have observed and learn from are so protective of their time because they have made a deliberate effort as to what gets on their calendar and what doesn't. They take time to determine what is important to them and what their priorities are. They often have to choose between something "good" and something "better", and they always choose "better".

 So many times in our lives we settle for good. And we should be thankful for every good thing in our lives. But what if God has something better to give us? Will be notice? Will we be proactive enough to let go of the good to get the better? High achieving people do this EVERY DAY!

 They choose to get up in the morning and go to the gym. They choose to go to bed early instead of letting Netflix scroll into the next episode of their favorite show. They let go of a good activity in order to take on someone with more meaning or better impact. 

 Does it mean they never watch there favorite show, no. But the most successful people realize that in the end, it doesn't positively impact their lives or the lives of people around them. So they guard themselves against the pitfall of spending 3 hours watching tv when they planned to just catch 1 episode to unwind. 

 So, if you (and I) want more time to do the important stuff, we may have to let go of some things that in the grand scheme of things don't really add value to our lives. Less Facebook and more books? Less catching up on the latest drama and more time talking with your family about their goals and dreams? What is it that you want to make room for in your life and what do you need to limit?

I hope you will be deliberate with your time this week! Put the important stuff in first and say "No" to a few things. It will be empowering!! 


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June 13, 2019

Academia vs Communication

"Academia takes something simple and makes it complicated, a communicator takes something complicated and makes it simple". John C Maxwell


I love John Maxwell. Such a good teacher. Leadership is complicated. Or is it?

As my team has grown I have been thrust into being a leader without really knowing what that meant or how to do it properly.

 What I have learned through experience and through great leaders like John Maxwell is this: Communication is everything!! 

 How you communicate, when you communicate and how clear your message is makes all the difference.

I've learned to vet out my ideas ahead of time before presenting them to the team.

I've learned to give my team time to adjust and process new ideas

To share the idea and then get input. Let them poke holes, you need to know those are there and how to plug them. Let them add to the idea. What you saw in your head may be a small part of an incredible concept that can be more than you alone could have imagines. 

Keep them posted on new developments that affect them. (And don't overwhelm them with details that don't or that muddies the waters of the clear vision that's been shared)

All this points back to communication.

 Learn more from John C Maxwell's Developing the Leader Within You 2.0

June 11, 2019

Negotiating Everyday Bills

         Picture this, a perfect summer night and you are at the neighbors house for a cook out. Everyone is relaxing and having a good time and eventually you get to talking about your cable bill. Well Bill down the street has the same service now and he's saving like $40 a month because he is a "new" customer. I've always felt a little jaded personally that the new customer always get the better the deal. I've been paying for years and the only perk the send is a new remote...and I still pay to have it delivered... Sound familiar? Here is a great blog post from the Black Swan Group which was started by Chris Voss. Chris was the lead hostage negotiator for many years for the FBI. Read it over and let me know if it makes sense, even better if it worked for you! I know it's helped me before!


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May 30, 2019

CE Credit Course

Grand Rapids Reno CE

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May 20, 2019

"My agents says open houses are just for the agent to get new clients, not to sell the home"

Open houses have been around for many, many years in the real estate industry. They allow buyers to walk through a home during a certain time period without having to make an appointment. They offer an opportunity to view a home on an "I'm just browsing" sort of scenario that makes many buyers more comfortable. 

 When it comes to listing agents, there are 2 schools of thought on Open Houses. 
1. They are a valuable tool that sometimes yields an outcome you may not have had otherwise. 
2. The second school of thought tends to fall into one of these categories: "I don't want to sit at a listing hoping someone shows up." "The home will likely sell anyway so why should I bother" and "most of the buyers have an agent already so why should I waste my time on it"
 So, what is the "best" mindset for a listing agent to take. When choosing an agent does it matter if your agent believes in open houses or not?
Is an open house worth the seller vacating the house for a couple hours or is it just a way for an agent that needs more clients to meet people in hopes of expanding their client base?
 I wanted to write this post to share with you what our experience has been over the last 15 years. 
 Since starting my real estate career I have indeed met new clients who may not have purchased the home that I was holding open at the time that we meet. I have had open houses where no one showed up. And I have also had open houses where several buyers who could not schedule a time with their agent to see the home at a time that worked for both them and the agent so the open house was an opportunity to view my seller's home and in turn put in an offer than we would not otherwise have received on the property. 
Another purpose of an open house is to drive buyer traffic through in a set time frame early in the listing process during which many people can see the home in a short amount of time. This is often helpful to a seller with a busy schedule and has the added effect of what I call "creating more buzz" around the listing. Buyers seeing other potential buyers walking through a home creates a bit of an "eBay effect". Giving buyers a sense of urgency to submit their offer if they like the house. 
 For those reasons, our team has included open houses as just one of the many marketing tools for exposing our listings to the largest number of buyers. For more information about how we market our homes to get top dollar with the lease amount of inconvenience, register now and put a note into the comments if you would like a particular agent from the team to reach out to you. 

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July 31, 2017

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